marine oil pipeline project

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Marine oil pipeline is based on the seabed to transport oil pipeline engineering. The marine oil pipelines contain undersea oil transportation pipelines, trunk pipeline and supercharger platform pipeline which are connected with competent part. The role of marine oil pipeline is mainly mined in the offshore oil fields in t the oil pooled, the exports mooring tankers single point mooring or exports to onshore oil depot.

The Features of Marine Oil Pipeline Project

Large Investment Construction
The laying of a medium-caliber marine oil pipelines need a pipeline vessel, ditching machine, tug boats and more than 10 auxiliary equipments of the large professional fleets. Also, you need a supply of raw materials, equipment and fuel vessels. The costs of fleet are an important cost in the marine oil pipeline construction, which is higher than onshore pipeline.

High Quality Construction Requirements
The maintenance is much more difficult than the onshore pipe as well as maintenance costs for the marine oil pipe line. The marine oil pipeline construction is strict with the quality.

Construction Environment
Sea condition is easy to change with the natural environment for instance wind and sea wave. It is difficult to keep a stable construction fleet. In this case, it is often required the oil pipeline construction into the seabed and resumed construction until the storm stopped.

Complex Construction Organization
The marine oil pipeline construction including pipeline prefabricated fleet auxiliary devices, fuel and fresh water supply needs to depend on the shore base. The location and the determination of the direction also rely on the radio navigation. Therefore, the marine oil pipeline construction is complex and difficult.