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A36 steel plate manufacturers better full production sales in the near future

Under the influence of supply side reform, supply of large coal mine of Shanxi region falling faster, but the chain did not continue to decline, with the improvement in the profit situation, after acceptance in small and medium sized private coal mine production expected.

According to relevant data, overall rise in iron ore and Coke prices, driven by domestic SS400 steel plate factory in early August a larger increase in production cost. As August 11, annual can is greater than 10 million tons S235JR plate manufacturers of three level production cost about for 2441 Yuan/tons, chain rose 48 Yuan/tons; annual can 50.01 billion tons manufacturers of three level stainless steel production cost for 2401 Yuan/tons, chain rose 51 Yuan/tons; annual can is less than 5 million tons manufacturers of three level stainless steel production cost about for 2320 Yuan/tons, chain rose 56 Yuan/tons. 20 days before the cost of raw materials, at present, domestic steel manufacturers are still profit 150-200 Yuan/ton, hot roll profit 350-400 Yuan/ton.

S235JR steel plate

It was part of the futures company research, except for some overhaul of blast furnace and other factors, in Shanxi province and southern China steel factory has been producing at full capacity. Current cost of about 1240/ton of molten iron, due to the smaller current sintering capacity, imported pellets high percentage of lump ore and sinter production (around October) raw material costs will drop by more than 30 yuan/ton. At present, there are about more than 200 Yuan/ton of production profits (three items of expenditure not yet included), post production goal is to restore the capacity to the limit, while reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Coking plant is currently producing at full capacity, but Coke sales good, remove the transport inventory increased slightly in recent days, coke finished almost no inventory.