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Renovation of heating furnace of special steel plant equipment two days earlier than expected to complete, and run production, which marks the rolling mills in the steel market is faced with a more serious situation, keep up with the pulse of the times in the new energy-saving devices "upgraded" successfully took a big step in technology, has written a new chapter in the history of steel rolling equipment.

The heating furnace in November 2011 and put into use, its design capacity of 1.2 million tons per year. Due to furnace wall aging serious, furnace skin plate and furnace wall pouring material occurred from, furnace wall burn mouth brick has 2 group collapsed, top pouring material success block dropped phenomenon, and has 1 square meters around through fire phenomenon; another for original storage hot box burn mouth of embedded structure, time long has series fire serious, reasons caused gas leak larger, furnace within temperature warming difficult, billet heating not uniform, not only waste gas and effect production and products quality, while individual subsidiary equipment facilities also exists with hidden and unworthy horse. Technical analysis of field data, prepare a detailed programme for the technical reconstruction of heating furnace, the Director insisted to see the works progress, solve temporary problems.

Equipment modification

Renovation including air, gas combustion system to automatically track ratio combustion technology; honeycomb; thermal storage tank and burner integrated structure furnace high temperature resistant fiber materials, and so on. Through the relevant technical data display, improved furnaces charge can reach the cold blank 180 tons/hour, saving coal consumption per ton of steel pipe, is expected to achieve energy efficiency 8-10%; reduce heating time, productivity rising, reduce oxidizing burning loss, but also reduce emissions, and good for the environment.