cold galvanized

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Cold galvanized (galvanizing) also known as electro-galvanized or cold galvanizing, is the utilization of the pipe member through electrolysis degreasing, pickling, and set into a solution made up of zinc along with a cathode attached to the electrolytic apparatus, placed opposite the tube member zinc plate, attached to the electrolysis the positive energy equipment, using electric energy in the positive towards the negative directional movement come in a layer of zinc deposited on pipe fixtures, cold-plated fixtures are gal after processing the very first.

Cold galvanizing fresh paint mainly through electrochemical concepts for corrosion, it's important to make sure full contact of zinc powder and steel, producing electrode potential difference, therefore the steel surface treatment is essential.

Cold galvanizing process can be used to safeguard the metal against corrosion, for using filler films of zinc, in using any approach to a coating put on the top to become protected, the filler form zinc coating after drying out, the dried coating getting a content of zinc (95%). Appropriate for mending (operate in the repair process, the only real harm to the steel surface to become protected place, as lengthy because the fixed surface could be re-covered). Cold galvanizing process for various steel items and structures is to prevent corrosion. (Cold galvanizing is gal, gal rarely, and just 10-50g/m2, its very own hot-dip gal corrosion resistance than lots of difference. Using gal the cost is comparatively cheaper.