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Receiving notice from the Department of environmental protection, steel stewing stove to varying degrees. Stew stove means to suspend production of blast furnace. It is reported that similar stew stove measures will be carried out 4 times. If in place, would directly affect the production of stainless steel tubes business.

Industry analysts said steel pipe prices in the second half would be difficult to copy surged in the first half, both futures and spot prices are expected to be around 200 Yuan/ton range of shocks. Closely related to Coke, coking coal and iron ore prices will rise and fall.

stainless pipe price

Stainless steel pipe prices have returned to near break-even point, steel production and profits have fallen nearly 1000 Yuan/ton from April to 150 Yuan/ton. Some steel mills profits of less than 100 yuan per ton, after deducting all expenses, actual or have loss-making 20 to 50 Yuan/ton, the situation does not seem optimistic for stainless steel pipe business in the second half.