316L stainless steel industry growth

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Long time, investments have been pulling 316L stainless steel industry growth in China as the most effective means, which will shape the domestic steel products structure. 4 trillion investment-driven mill capacity, resulting in excess capacity further, resulting in serious losses or even "crash" situation. Under this logic, root causes of overcapacity was leading to steel loss. But the problem is that, for China's iron and steel industry, almost no solution for the problems of excess capacity. Domestic construction steel market prices significantly in Latin America last week. Benefit from the reduction of marketing resources on the one hand, entered in July, market news out shortages from time to time, shortages of parts is phenomenon.

stainless equal angle

According to the latest national statistics data showed in July, crude steel production of 65.47 million tons, 2.112 million tons a day, and since April has been a fall in March. Meanwhile, contrasts sharply with crude steel output down is that steel prices several times higher. It is easy to see that recent market context is still very much under the influence of market resources and steel costs, belongs to the tight resources and costs rising, real end demand does not play a decisive role. Next week, ansteel, Shougang group, Hebei iron and steel, sheet steel and other steel plants will be launched September policy, the cost increases are expected, but as the cost of this role has been the market in advance, so it is unlikely this will impact on the market next week. From the specific trends, capital of 316L stainless steel angle this week market continues weak before strong after last week's pattern, weak spot market shot up in the late. From market operation rules, reduced dynamic will continue to rise next week, gains narrowed or even steady adjustment of the market. But in the case of current costs and inventories fell, the market does not changes.